Four shipments each consisting of 3 x 1 kilo bags of the coffee of your choice. The first shipment will be sent on receipt of your order. With the remaining outstanding shipments occurring every 3 months.

Select up to 3 different coffees by entering the number of kilos required next to the coffee type and selecting the required grind type then click on continue to choose another 3 coffees for your second, third and fourth delivery.

Choose your coffees for your first order - 3 kilos in total, you can then select another range for your second delivery.

Name Description Size Grind Quantity
Classico Made in the tradition of Italian high end espresso blends we combine seven different Arabica beans to create a wonderful medium soft bodied coffee with a residual sweetness 1KG
Supreme Characterised by dry earthy fragrances with sweet fruits abound enjoy a crisp cup of coffee with great body with a truly unique flavour, some say it's better than the original! 1KG
Organic Decaf An undiscovered gem made from organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified™ beans, it's joy in a cup for those that can do without the caffeine. 1KG
Espresso Full of lively characteristicsenjoy the aroma of rich fragrant tropical fruits and berries, mixed with the slightest hint of chocolate. 1KG
Mocha Harrar Intensely fragrant with a rich body and sweet fruity undertonesthis coffee will have you firing on all cylinders. 1KG
New Guinea Blue Mountain Indulge in this noble cup of coffee that offers intonations of chocolate, malt and honey sweetness. 1KG
Special Espresso Brash and bold we have carefully blended several different bean profiles to capture a well-balanced coffee. 1KG
Supreme This specialty coffee is made from premium beans grown in Kenya, New Guinea, Javanese, Colombia and India. 1KG
Tes With earthy connections this versatile coffee is full of distinctive flavours. Savour bold sweet berry fruits, mixed with mellow nutty intonations. 1KG
New Guinea Blue Mountain Organic Grown in high altitude rich volcanic soil in Papua New Guinea, be surprised by charming fragrances and tones of spice, malt and tropical fruits. 1KG
Colombian Originating from Colombia's premium coffee district, the Columbian Arabica bean is one the best. 1KG
Javanese Colourful and luxurious this lovely single origin coffee reveals a clean rich cup. Rustic in nature with earthy flavours combined with subtle citrus intonations. 1KG
Kenyan A balanced cup of coffee with subtleties of sweet tropical fruits, floral and grape undertones with a note of wine like characteristics. 1KG
Tanzanian A medium to dark roastfull of nutty, bold flavours rich in complexity and intensity. 1KG
Greek A lightly roasted blonde coffee with a unique taste. The perfect choice for those that enjoy a traditional Greek coffee made over the stove in an Ibrik. 1KG
Lebanese Similar to our Turkish coffee it is strong, dark and bitter. This is a true traditional Arabic coffee best served the traditional way. 1KG
Minas This coffee is roasted slightly longer to produce a darker, stronger full bodied coffee making it the perfect choice for Eastern European style coffee. 1KG
Minas Santos Full of strong earthy, nutty flavours that linger on the palate, we use only the best Brazilian Minas Beans. 1KG
Turkish Finely ground, almost like powder to ensure you enjoy an authentic brew. 1KG
Mocha Kenya Enjoy a well-balanced coffee with subtleties of sweet tropical fruits with a just a note of chocolate. 1KG