Our Coffee

Most of us start the day with a hot cup of coffee. It has become an essential ingredient in our daily life. We are a society of coffee enthusiasts, passionate about the taste and texture of what we drink, whether it's at home or at the cafe.

We have created a wonderful selection of freshly roasted blended, single origin and European Style Coffee. There's truly something for everyone. They can be purchased at our Espresso Bar in Enmore or online, so you can enjoy your favourite quality coffee every day.

We understand that coffee is such a personal choice and with our knowledge and your taste buds we can help you choose a coffee that's just right for you.

Visit our Espresso Bar where our team would be more than happy to experiment with you. Or if you don't have time to drop in, contact us witih a quick description of how you like your coffee to taste and we'll get back to you with some great suggestions.

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