Discover a unique office coffee solution where the focus is on what you need.

Premium quality coffee

The only coffee we provide is the coffee we roast. Choose from our varied range of freshly roasted coffee. It’s just days old when delivered and full of beautiful flavours and aromas.

Easy Ordering

One kilo of coffee beans equates to approximately 80 - 90 cups of coffee. So once we establish usage you have the option of setting up a standard weekly or monthly order, alternatively we are more than happy to regularly call you.

Quick Delivery

Delivery schedules are flexible and we will work with you to ensure the coffee is delivered to the right person at the right time. Our turnaround time is very short so if you unexpectedly run out of coffee we can help with that too.

Assistance with Coffee Machine Selection

Based on our strong expertise we can help you source the right coffee machine to handle the daily grind. We work with leading coffee machine brands and will oversee the installation process.

Machine Cleaning

Benefit from scheduled machine cleaning services, essential to maintaining the health of your coffee machine and the taste of what you drink.

Co-ordination of Machine Repairs

Should you experience any difficulties with your machine we are just a phone call away. Through our network of qualified service agents we will organise on your behalf, for a technician to come out and repair the machine so it’s quickly back in operation.

Staff Training

Give your staff the opportunity to learn basic barista skills, tips on how to froth the milk to get that perfect latte. We can provide training sessions on coffee making skills and machine cleaning procedures.

Complementary Products

Choose from a quality range of syrups, machine cleaning products, hot chocolate powder, sugar, disposable cups and more. Let us know what you need.

Sustainability & Custom Blends

With a growing number of businesses introducing Sustainability Policies we can work with you to create custom blends with Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance Certification, source certified complementary products and produce supporting literature for your staff. (Minimum volumes apply)

Do you need a National Office Solution?

With a strong national distribution network we have the ability to supply clients anywhere in Australia. If you’re seeking a solution for multiple office sites we are well positioned to assist you.

For more information on our Office Coffee Solutions call us on 02 9560 7930 or Contact Us today.