Every office has different needs. Let us help you take the guess work out of choosing a reliable coffee machine that’s user friendly. That means a perfect cup of coffee at the press of a button. We work with leading coffee machine brands and will oversee the installation process, it’s that easy.


Less than 25 staff

Saeco Royal Professional


With simple push button technology the Saeco Royal Professional will grind, tamp and dispense espresso/coffee with a rich creamy crema.

  The digital display makes for easy use, preset your individual drinks to the amount you desire, then steam milk with the Cappuccinatore, automatic frothing device and you will have a delicious cappuccino or latte.

The Royal Cappuccino features "Insta-Steam" with two pumps allowing the simultaneous preparation of milk froth and coffee for maximum convenience. Its state of the art technology includes a digital display allowing you to program the machine with individual temperature adjustment for each coffee setting.

The patented Saeco Easy Clean System makes it easy to remove the brewing group for chemical free cleaning.


Saeco Intelia One Touch Cappuccino


Offering the perfect Espresso experience with intelligence and easy cleaning.  This model has a fully integrated automatic milk function with easy refill so you can enjoy your favourite cappuccino at the touch of a button. It is possible to refill the carafe with milk even while the integrated milk function is plugged in and working. The high tech ceramic grinders preserve the aroma of the coffee and offer performance consistence without overheating and are super silent when operating. Plus you can adjust the  coffee strength and temperature at any time.

Thanks to the Pre- brewing Technology, the coffee grounds are moistened before the actual brewing process ensuring that the aroma can unfold even better. The maintenance system is very easy to use. There’s the automatic cleaning and descaling cycles which guarantee perfect coffee and maximum longevity for the machine.

Up to 150 staff

Saeco Idea Cappuccino

The Saeco Idea Cappuccino office coffee machine is an ideal fresh bean and fresh milk coffee solution for medium to large offices. Combining stunning design, hi-tech performance and compact dimensions the Idea Cappuccino is equipped with the exclusive professional cappuccinatore, integrated on the inside of the dispenser. This way both coffee and milk are dispensed at the same time. The practical and clean hygienic cappuccinatore takes the milk directly from the milk container, transforming it into a thick, creamy foam.

The Idea Cappuccino allows for the selection of up to four milk-based drinks and comes with a sanitizer that automates the cleaning process for each single use.

The Idea has a double boiler (coffee boiler and hot water / steam boiler) and has three water circuits: one for coffee, one for hot water heated with independent heat exchangers attached to the boiler, and one steam circuit. With the HORECA kit, and a simplified keypad, the Idea Cappuccino can easily be used as a self-service machine.

This selection of coffee machines has proved very popular with our current clients. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.