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Bravo Cleaning Tablets

Bravo Cleaning Tablets

Regular cleaning is essential to ensure the coffee you drink tastes great. Cleaning tablets are necessary to maintain the brewing chamber and dispensing outlets for automatic coffee machines.

Our cleaning tablets effectively eliminate residual coffee oils and grinds during any brew unit cleaning process. The 2g tablet is suited to a wide range of machine brands and work effectively as long the tablet can get into the brew unit through the grounds chute or designated tablet entry point. Manufactured by market leader Clean Machine with NSF certification for metal compatibility and safety.

Suitable for most brands including: Astra, CMA, Delia Carte, De Jong Duke/Filterfresh, Elektra, Franke, Miele, Jura, Saeco, Melitta/Cafina, Rex Royal, Wega, Sunbeam, Breville, Delonghi, Thermoplan, Tiger, Solis. Krups, La Cimbali and Carimali.''

Suits Part Numbers: Parts Numbers ' CMTAB8BL, CMTABS10, CMTABS30, CMTABS60, CMTABS100, CMTABS200, CMTABS8BL AND CMTABS32BL.

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