One of the greatest strengths of our business is the people. We are more like a family that share a love for coffee. A great team that believes in turning fun and passion into something everyone can enjoy.

We have team members who have been here almost from the start and are fortunate that their expertise and amazing barista skills can be passed on to our newest members, who bring exciting ideas and opportunities.

We are committed to ensuring that all our customers receive the best quality coffee, the best service and most of all the opportunity to enjoy fresh full flavoured coffee every day.

We consider all our customers to be part of the growing Bravo Family. A Family that enjoys special moments over a cup of great tasting coffee, where personal service is always available and where everyone’s opinion is heard.

We look forward to welcoming you.




Keith - Director 

The driving force of the business, is passionate about providing excellent service to all our customers

Svetlana – loves talking to our customers and makes sure their orders go out on time

Vida – an amazing barista and keeps the office paperwork organised