A major factor influencing the flavour of a cup of coffee is the roasting process. How we roast our green beans affects the taste, aroma and colour of the beans. During roasting fats are converted into oils. It is these oils that characterise the flavour and much is dependent on the temperature and length of time the beans are roasted.

In the past we have used traditional roasting methods but technological advancements and growing demand have led to a revolution in coffee roasting equipment.

Our desire to ensure that every batch of Bravo Coffee is roasted perfectly led to a trip to Italy in 2010. It’s here we discovered IMF and the RMC Series. This new state of the art roaster was designed by some of Italy’s coffee pioneers and is regarded internationally as one of the best commercial roasters available today.

The roaster usesIMF “Vortex” and “Equalizer” technology, allowing the air temperature to be precisely controlled and uniformly distributed throughout the beans. The key benefit of this is the beans receive a more even roast. There’s no risk of burning or tipping of the beans or exposing them to residual smoke. It has also been specifically designed to care for the beans during the roasting process not only preserving the original flavours but intensifying them.

All our beans are carefully selected and under the guidance of our Master Roaster are meticulously watched over during the roasting and blending process. We roast everyday to ensure that our quality and freshness is always maintained.

The only coffee we serve is the coffee we roast. Abundant with beautiful flavours and aromas our coffee is just days old when served to you.