2006 to Present

Under the dynamic guidance of Keith Maloon positive change has swept through Bravo Coffee over the last six years. This timeless gem now balances tradition with modern business. 

The Roasting House
The production area of the business has undergone a much needed upgrade to keep up with demand. New state of the art roasting equipment imported from Italy, has been installed. This ensures consistency in the taste and texture of every batch of coffee roasted. The investment has also allowed the company to grow in an increasingly competitive market environment and delivered the capacity to explore new business opportunities.

Coffee Solutions for the Office
The most exciting development is the company’s growing reputation in the corporate coffee arena. Drawing on the history and expertise of staff, the team specialise in developing customised coffee solutions for small, medium and large businesses. Combining a high standard of customer service with quality coffee beans and best coffee making practices. Bravo Coffee is well placed to service any business with current clients including Investec, The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Fuji Xerox, Jandz Lighting and The Royal Australian Navy.

Taking Bravo Coffee Across Australia
Bravo Coffee’s reputation has spread with Keith and his team taking the brand to the rest of Australia. Distribution channels are now well established in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. This allows the company to work with customers that require a national coffee solution.

Family Culture and Social Awareness
The family friendly culture and a personal commitment by Keith to give back to those less fortunate in the community has resulted in an innovative Social Responsibility Strategy. The focus is on a Barista training programme for the disadvantage and will be an ongoing commitment by the company. A sponsor of St Vincent de Pauls annual CEO Sleepout and patron of Our Big Kitchen this is a long term commitment to help those that need it most.

The Company Commitment
One thing that hasn’t changed is the company’s passion and dedication to providing the best quality coffee to very loyal customers. Sixty years on many are still travelling across Sydney just to get their favourite coffee, whether it’s Minas Santos, Supreme or another of the many blends.

The original roaster used in 1952 can still be found in the Espresso Bar, and every week is fired up to make a batch or two in the tradition of years gone by.

The Bravo Coffee Customer Promise: to provide only the finest quality coffee beans. Locally roasted to perfection and delivered directly to you. So you can enjoy fresh full flavoured coffee every day.

The Bravo Coffee Belief: that a cup of Bravo Coffee is a moment to be enjoyed. Whether it’s time taken to relax and revive at work, to catch up with a friend or to sit quietly and contemplate the day, it’s a moment that counts because… Life’s too short for ordinary coffee.


1998 – 2006

The growing business moved to the care of a father and son partnership. The popularity of Minas Santos and the other European style coffees continued to rise. The focus was to maintain this speciality coffee market in an increasingly competitive environment.

A growing movement of discerning coffee drinkers lead to significant growth in the coffee industry. It was estimated that over one billion cups of coffee were consumed across Australia in 2006. Business was strong at Bravo with many regular customers visiting daily.

With increasing consumer demand for quality coffee beans and the emergence of home coffee machines, the business also head in a new direction. A repairs centre was established and grew very quickly. However with retirement on the horizon and the growing demand for coffee machine repairs the duo decided to sell the coffee arm of the business, which leads us into the present.              


1990 - 1998

The business then fell into the hands of a dynamic husband and wife team. With a passion for coffee and a desire to use their knowledge to create a coffee emporium. The next eight years saw many exciting changes:

  • coffee beans from around the world were sourced to create freshly roasted single origin and wonderful blends, including our signature blend Supreme still served today
  • for the first time customers could sit in the shop or relax in the courtyard with a fresh cup of Bravo coffee, or talk to the baristas about different blends and take them home to enjoy with their family
  • a new roasting facility was established to handle increasing demand for Bravo Coffee a daily delivery service was introduced for a new distribution network of delis and small businesses from Western Sydney down to Wollongong, who began stocking Minas Santos.


1952 - 1990

When a young family from Greece arrived in Australia to start an exciting new life, there was just one thing they desperately missed  – the traditional coffee they enjoyed back home with family and friends.

Their desire for freshly roasted coffee gave rise to one of Sydney’s very first specialised coffee roast houses. Importing traditional stone grinders and a roaster from Europe,the family set about roasting and grinding the best Brazilian Minas Santos coffee beans from their new shop in Enmore, Sydney.

The coffee was so good word quickly spread across Sydney’s growing European community. Turkish, Greek and Lebanese coffee quickly followed and people began travelling to Enmore just to get their favourite Bravo Coffee.